6m EmE – almost

As TF1SIX was spotted on 6m yesterday, weather good, moon in good position, I decided to get my new yagi up to test. I had tons of problems as I did not find the top bracket on the rotor, so I had to make a custom bracket. The aluminium mast material available was only 70-60mm, so it was not the sturdiest masts around.

The picture shows the takeoff to around 200° where the moon was yesterday. Hope the president of Iceland has upgraded his TV equipment and is not using the old 50Mhz transmitter still around. The ground path to the moon goes over the narrow peninsula called Álftanes,  back over the sea, then has to cross 20-30km of the Reykjanes. So the location is far from optimal. I plan to use my brothers portable mast to get closer to the open sea.

3rd picture is from Google Earth, Shows the path the signal takes.

Last evenings tests far exceeded my wildest expectations, I was able to copy Lance W7GJ in  DN27

232800  1  -23  3.7   75  3 *      TF3CY W7GJ DN27           1  10

So now I wait for the next window – and prepare.

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