6m EME – QRV and QRO ?

I have gotten few emails asking for sked’s on 6m eme.

As my current working conditions are uhm… none – I can’t have a fixed EmE installation at my QTH. So I have this portable setup that I plan to use when I have good conditions.

Good conditions mean of course low degradation – but also as I live on the south-west coast of Iceland, I would like to be able to see the open horizon. So any azimuth to the south-to west would be great – my grid square is HP94 so that will give you some idea how to work me. I will be trying to find a location I can leave the antenna over night, so I will perhaps 3 days I can work the moon.

I will be QRO soon – I’m still waiting for the experimental licence as our normal general class only allows 100W RF. I have asked the PTT to be able to transmit 1Kw RF, hopefully that will be granted. I have a 1200W solid state amplifier I’we nearly built and will be tested in the next days.

so please email me if you want to arrange a sked email is benedikt@ccpgames.com

I’m going to try to work as many good “windows” as possible this summer. Next window I’m looking at is around 12 August – then the moon will be in a good position for me to work the low elevation with good degradation.

2 thoughts on “6m EME – QRV and QRO ?”

  1. Wonderful work to get on 6M EME! Welcome to all the fun! I am in Alaska on a 6M Dxpedition now. See my web site for info. 25 EME contacts so far with only 7 elements!

    Good wishes for more EME success,
    Gene, KL7/KB7Q

  2. Welcome to 6 Meter EME Benni. I know you will be in great demand. Here is your signal here today:
    195800 5 -21 1.8 -110 4 * ZL3NW TF3CY HP84 1 0 . Hope we can complete a QSO in the future.
    73 Mario K2ZD

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