Finally – 2m EME success!!

I’m not a single yagi station anymore! After a really disappointing night – only be able to decode one signal I decided to get the other yagi and mount it horizontally. This meant for some last-minute fixing. I found a small carpenter shop that made solid shafts out of oak. I got some cosmetically flawed shafts for little money and they now make the tips of the horizontal boom. I made trusses to strengthen the boom. This is a bit hard for the small rotor but he can manage this. During last night we had pretty strong winds and the antennas where bouncing quite a bit – I was mildly concerned if the wind force would increase as I would not be able to lower the antenna.

I can now add one JT65B QSO to the “long” list of 2M EME contacts!

This was my 2M EME contact #1 and EME contact #4 !!

This could possibly the first 2M eme contact from a TF native station. There are rumors that a another TF station was active some decades ago – but I have never gotten that 100% confirmed.

I finished the QSO with K5QE pretty much without any issues – just sent a wrong sequence once. But from there I could not decode anything – got some shorthands but it was like a total blackout. I visually inspected the heading of the antenna repeatedly – I did a CQ CQ run and got good reports on 100W – But I was unable to hear anything. This was either some issue with my RX or a very bad case of faraday rotation. I did not have a pre-amp installed but that could not explain the really bad RX as I was getting quite good reports -21 to -25dB.

I will use the day to try to get the pre-amp working .

The station is now:

  • TS-2000 – 100W -internal pre-amp
  • 25m CableExperts feedline X-1318
  • 2x 2m5wl
  • Yaesu G-5600 rotor system AZ/EL
  • Pre-amp to be used is from WA2ODO

here are pictures:

One thought on “Finally – 2m EME success!!”

  1. Hi Benedikt

    I was sending you an e-mail sometime before, asking you for an EME QSO on 2m. Unfortunately you had no pleasure to answer me so, I am still expecting your answer and hope that one day
    I will be glad to receive it!
    73 de Doru, YO2AMU.
    4 x 17 el.M2
    1 kW
    TR144 + FT920 + ATF54143.

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