TF3SG and TF3CY visit HB9Q

Currently I’m on a small “eurotrip” with my family. I visited my brother TF3SG, that is staying with his family just outside of Zürich, Switzerland. I looked up some EU big guns and was very happy to see that we where staying just 60km from the HB9Q EME station. I was even happier when Dan HB9CRQ responded to my email and invited me to visit the station. Unforunatly Dan could not receive us the one evening we could make the trip, but Nick HB9EFK was going to be operating the station that evening. We made the journey and Nick showed us around. We where amazed to put it mildly, this is a truly unique station. Here are some pictures of the station I took – I’m still thinking about all the good ideas I got from this visit – this truly drives me to do better on EME 😉