QRV in the ARRL contest 19-20 nov

I decided to put the antennas up and take part in the ARRL contest as the WX forecast was good – specially so late in the winter.

I have had some issues with aiming the antenna as the feedback from the G-5600B has been very flaky – I found out that it’s very likely a dirty pot in the back of the control unit. Then my beloved amp blew a fuse ;).

I’m hearing quite well – but sometimes it’s like people dont hear me!


I’m sad to have missed Japan and other Asia stations – but I have houses obstructing the east path to the moonrise! Now there is a clear plan forming to try to get VK/ZL/JA in the 2m EME log! I might have to wait for the moon to be in a northern declination – and perhaps move my QTH temporarily.

From my current QTH I dont see the moon from about 280° – 0 – 80° – and I always have to have at least 6° elevation.

update: Thank you for all your patience ! this was really fun – just under 100 QSO’s total in this try!

All QSO’s logged here on this page: http://www.tf3cy.is/eme-qso

73, Benni TF3CY

One thought on “QRV in the ARRL contest 19-20 nov”

  1. Hi Benni,

    Thanks for the easy EME QSO of today 19/11 during the ARRL EME Test. Your signal was -19dB and I could copy you not only during our QSO but throughout my whole moonset from 20° to 0° elevation. Happy to work you on 2m, 15 years after we met in Reykjavik during the HF DX-pedition TF/ON6QR-TF3D in March 1996…
    Simple station here, see my website.

    Bless Bless,

    Gaëtan, ON4KHG

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