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70cm EME QRV

First contact made with OK1DFC! first OK – TF !!! 5 Nov 2014!

TF3CY 70cm EME
TF3CY 70cm EME

My station 100W, 4x 15 el using a Yeasu G-5600 rotor , IC-910 (borrowed) and a old RFC 4-310 amplifier that is mounted 2m under the antennas -as my LNA failed. I have a new LNA coming in. Sequencing is done by a home built sequencer, signalink USB soundcard interface.

Further improvements will be made later on. I already have a KW kit from W6PQL that I need to build and get working. Plan is to get a 70cm transverter so I can use it with my K3 + LP-Pan + MAP65.

very happy !

73, Benni TF3CY

Current project – 2m amplifier using a BLF188XR

I decided to abandon my GS35B project, manly due to lack of drive power … from my current exciter. I was originally going to build a 200w SSPA just to drive the GS35b amplifer, that was getting very complex – no access to 20A of 28v for the kit I had.. so I decided to jump on the Freescale/NXP design everyone is talking about. I turned to Jim W6PQL for parts!

Project is coming along – must finish – must get EME antennas up!!

.. when I finish the amplifier I will post some more pictures.


73, Benni TF3CY

TF1CY in CQ WPX 2012

Fun contest, but as I had to work all Friday I rushed to the summer house late Friday, raised the 22m high vertical and assembled the th7dx. Then it was dark and I finished connecting everything and tune out on 80m. I started the contest on 80m but I was then just to tired to continue throughout the night. I woke up early and finished getting the Th7dx mounted and raised the antenna. I got into a sticky situation when I forgot a u-clamp in the last taper section of the mast just under the rotor. The mast was bent there and I was very scared of losing the antenna. I got my brother (TF3SG) to come to my rescue – we lowered the antenna and after inspecting the tubing and installing the clamp we raised the antenna again and proper guy’s.

Conditions on 15m where hard and I kept losing my running freq. I tried few times to move to 20m but the QRM was just to much. I went back to 15. Sunday was better on 20m – and I got to around 800 contacts. I was not being heard well on 40m (tuning into the quarter wave intended for 80m).  I decided to go to 80m and I found a nice clean frequency and got a nice run  mostly EU but with handful of VE/W – I ended there with 1005 QSO’s.


73, Benni TF3CY / TF1CY


QRV in the ARRL contest 19-20 nov

I decided to put the antennas up and take part in the ARRL contest as the WX forecast was good – specially so late in the winter.

I have had some issues with aiming the antenna as the feedback from the G-5600B has been very flaky – I found out that it’s very likely a dirty pot in the back of the control unit. Then my beloved amp blew a fuse ;).

I’m hearing quite well – but sometimes it’s like people dont hear me!


I’m sad to have missed Japan and other Asia stations – but I have houses obstructing the east path to the moonrise! Now there is a clear plan forming to try to get VK/ZL/JA in the 2m EME log! I might have to wait for the moon to be in a northern declination – and perhaps move my QTH temporarily.

From my current QTH I dont see the moon from about 280° – 0 – 80° – and I always have to have at least 6° elevation.

update: Thank you for all your patience ! this was really fun – just under 100 QSO’s total in this try!

All QSO’s logged here on this page:

73, Benni TF3CY

TF3SG and TF3CY visit HB9Q

Currently I’m on a small “eurotrip” with my family. I visited my brother TF3SG, that is staying with his family just outside of Zürich, Switzerland. I looked up some EU big guns and was very happy to see that we where staying just 60km from the HB9Q EME station. I was even happier when Dan HB9CRQ responded to my email and invited me to visit the station. Unforunatly Dan could not receive us the one evening we could make the trip, but Nick HB9EFK was going to be operating the station that evening. We made the journey and Nick showed us around. We where amazed to put it mildly, this is a truly unique station. Here are some pictures of the station I took – I’m still thinking about all the good ideas I got from this visit – this truly drives me to do better on EME 😉


late success.

I made 3 2m EME QSO’s using a borrowed Kenwood TS-2000

I had the moon low but getting close to my neighbors – so not wanting to send around 15-30KW EIRP into their houses I had to quit.

N7NW, AD7TJ and W7MEM where all finished within 30 minutes – reports where about -22 to -26db.

so I will be QRV next few days during the best-cond with my borrowed TS2000 – but I really hope I can get my beloved K3 working soon.