6m EmE – almost

As TF1SIX was spotted on 6m yesterday, weather good, moon in good position, I decided to get my new yagi up to test. I had tons of problems as I did not find the top bracket on the rotor, so I had to make a custom bracket. The aluminium mast material available was only 70-60mm, so it was not the sturdiest masts around.

The picture shows the takeoff to around 200° where the moon was yesterday. Hope the president of Iceland has upgraded his TV equipment and is not using the old 50Mhz transmitter still around. The ground path to the moon goes over the narrow peninsula called Álftanes,  back over the sea, then has to cross 20-30km of the Reykjanes. So the location is far from optimal. I plan to use my brothers portable mast to get closer to the open sea.

3rd picture is from Google Earth, Shows the path the signal takes.

Last evenings tests far exceeded my wildest expectations, I was able to copy Lance W7GJ in  DN27

232800  1  -23  3.7   75  3 *      TF3CY W7GJ DN27           1  10

So now I wait for the next window – and prepare.

New 6m yagi

After all the Es fun on 6m and encouragement from some of the EmE guys I decided to build a bigger yagi, I was originally going to build a 10 element but I was very sceptical about building a yagi with a 15m boom. So I opted for optimized 6 el yagi on a 7m boom. This yagi is quite cool, designed by Pop YU7EF, http://www.yu7ef.com/ef0606.htm

I used 40mm and 35mm square boom material and 10mm elements. It’s quite rugged but it will not survive the winter here in Iceland. So it can be disassembled into max 3m parts.

Feed point impedance of this yagi is 50 ohm so I only have to use a simple balun to connect the coax.

I was quite supprised that it just matched perfectly and has SWR 1.1 at 50.100

… uhm..that’s what the graph in EzNec showed..so I was supprised I could build the thing so near specification!

So, now I just wait for the moon OR Es top open up

Very fun 6m run tonight

After putting up the yagi and not hearing a single beacon for few days I was becoming desperate, so I finished my HRD + Ipsound setup and rigged the TS-570 for remote control. Now I sit @ work with the 6m band humming in my ear.

I can’t use the remote control to transmit, I think all my co-workers would send me to some nut house if I would start DX’ing in the middle of the office..

So around 16:00 GMT I heard a weak beacon, so I hurried home and started skimming the frequency, nothing.. just went. So around 20:39 TF1SIX was spotted and I started calling CQ … without hearing any other beacons.  I got a solid response from MM5AJW. So as the night progressed I ended up with around 50 contacts, around 15 to the east coast of USA.

Now I got a very interesting mail I have to read, urging me to try EME on 6m !!

6m yagi – working

The 6M yagi is working, testing with my father (TF3T) is scheduled to try to see if it’s really working, measure F/B and gain.

This is a picture of the driven element, I scratched my head for a long time, getting very strange readings trying to match and tune the element. There was a very apparent design flaw that I did not see. Can you spot it? ;P

It’s now fixed and SWR 1.2 on 50.1

6meters – my new favorite ;)

My brother, Gudmi TF3SG, sent a email to the local amateur group that he heard a beacon on the 6m band. I have not been very interested in this band before, but decided to jump to 6m on the TS-570. My antenna is a short G5RV dipole strung from a tree to a scaffolding. I started scanning the band and heard a faint beacon on 50.093, I tuned slowly up band and fond a very strong signal, S9+. My first thought was that this had to be a local station close by, but it was David, MM5DWW. I decided just for fun to try the auto tuner in the Kenwood, thinking even if I could get around 5W into the antenna I should make it work. To my surprise, the SWR was low, 1,5 so I just went for full power and responded to the CQ.  I took 3 QSO’s that night (1 june at 23:44 GMT), then my wife yelled as she was trying to get to sleep.

Now I must be ready for any opening and started building a yagi for the 6M band.

So here is some pictures of the ruggedly built 6m yagi, I went to google for design ideas and after spending to many hours reading and looking at different designs, I had transferred a yagi I found in the ARRL handbook over to metric measurements, but I decided in the end to use a optimized design from a German webpage – but when put in EzNEC, I could not make it work. Then I found out that the diameter from the ARRL is quite big, 20mm – to 16mm that is a total overkill for a 3m span, but I had to change the scale of the antenna. So – I’m going to test the antenna – works perfectly in EzNEC – but let’s see how it fairs in real world.

I also should state that I have a special connection to the 6M band, my father TF3T – formerly TF3SG was the first amateur in Iceland to get the permit on 6M and make the first contact, I think he was one of the first in EU actually, need to ask him about that. But somehow I have always been uninterested in the 6M band – that changed after my first QSO’s.