6m EME – QRV and QRO ?

I have gotten few emails asking for sked’s on 6m eme.

As my current working conditions are uhm… none – I can’t have a fixed EmE installation at my QTH. So I have this portable setup that I plan to use when I have good conditions.

Good conditions mean of course low degradation – but also as I live on the south-west coast of Iceland, I would like to be able to see the open horizon. So any azimuth to the south-to west would be great – my grid square is HP94 so that will give you some idea how to work me. I will be trying to find a location I can leave the antenna over night, so I will perhaps 3 days I can work the moon.

I will be QRO soon – I’m still waiting for the experimental licence as our normal general class only allows 100W RF. I have asked the PTT to be able to transmit 1Kw RF, hopefully that will be granted. I have a 1200W solid state amplifier I’we nearly built and will be tested in the next days.

so please email me if you want to arrange a sked email is benedikt@ccpgames.com

I’m going to try to work as many good “windows” as possible this summer. Next window I’m looking at is around 12 August – then the moon will be in a good position for me to work the low elevation with good degradation.

6m EmE contact with W7GJ

Today was just amazing. Just few weeks ago I got this crazy notion in my head to try EmE, and that on 6m, actually it was Lance W7GJ that spotted me on a cluster and looked at my locator/location and saw a opportunity. When I got the email from him something just clicked, I had always wanted to try EmE, but always thought it was impossible..

Two contacts where made, W7GJ!  more would have been possible if the problems with the PC-rig had not taken so much time.

So here is the story 😉

I decided to build a 10el yagi, have it portable as my current QTH does not allow large 15m boom yagis, the yagi copied from Pop YU7EF excellent designs (http://www.yu7ef.com/). My brother TF3SG has a portable full size 80m vertical and it’s build quite robust – so I decided to borrow it and use the lower half as a mast for my new yagi. This is just something every ham has to have.. a portable mast on a trailer.

Here are some pictures:

This would never have been possible if it had not been for all the hard work my brother TF3SG put in, both he had the mast and helped me throughout this endeavour. He even went home and got his beloved FT-2000 when I had all kinds of problems with my small TS570. I ended up taping the mice of the FT2000 to a USB headset to get the audio from the PC to the transceiver. Then of course my father TF3T (formerly TF3SG), watching him throughout the years trying to build impossible projects and often succeeding lead me to try this.

We had all kinds of problems, mostly rig to PC related that should have been fixed before the try, but what amazed me was the performance of the beam, first try  SWR 1.1.

I will try to get QRV as soon as possible, but I’m supposed to return to the summer house my wife and kids are staying at – and stop this nonsense 😉

But, this is really what I think amateur radio is all about – experiment – build stuff, break stuff – and use the moon as a reflector!

The location we chose is very popular sight seeing location – so we had alot of visitors asking “What are you doing”, I just said “I’m sending a radio signal to the moon and using it to bounce back so I can communicate with someone on the other side of the planet”, and usually they replied “… haha no, really what are you doing”.