First 6m contact between TF and ZL!!

I’m pretty sure I made the first 6m contact from Iceland to New Zeland!

After not having completed one QSO using the portable EmE setup, I was thrilled to compleate 3 QSO’s when the moon was between 7 to 3° this evening. First QSO was with Mick, W1JJ that I had already worked, but that confirmed that the homebuilt amplifier and antenna was working. Also this was the first QSO on the current transceiver, small but nimble Kenwood TS-570D. I had a sked with K6QXY and I copied him very well and the QSO was over in 3 minutes. I started calling CQ  and in the next sequence I got a decode from Rod, ZL3NW!!. We finished the QSO quite quickly. I don’t know how do descibe it, thrilled does not even come close.

Strange, sitting in a ice cold van in the middle of nowhere, watching a computer screen feeling this excited!

I’m going to try to get EX6EME next morning, then use the evening to try to complete more QSO’s!

here are some pictures of the current setup:

here is a screenshot FROM Rod ZL3NW: