End of a very nice stay in Grímsey.

We had a wonderful time at the Island. We where welcomed by the lovely people that live in Grímsey. We will definitely visit the island later on, perhaps during the IOTA weekend next summer. I made some 600 contacts, mostly on 20m SSB, some on 10m. We had some heavy aurora activity over the weekend so fewer contacts where made on the lower bands. TF3SG still made some contacts, and one JA QSO was made on 80m.

Conditions where strange on 10m. Had a big opening into Spain and Portugal, but going over my log I see that I logged a single QSO with Trinidad and Tobacco on 10m I did not notice that when I made the QSO, would be fun so see that confirmed. I did not hear any US station though. I was just using the 43ft vertical with a tuner, so not a very efficient antenna for 10m.

73, Benni TF3CY

Grímsey Active now EU-168 IP06XN

I’m now on a mini-dxexpedition to Grímsey, it’s right on the Artic circle, 66°N.

I’m here with my brother, TF3SG and father TF3T.

We will be QRV on 20m thorugh 160m.

I will post some pictures if my internet connection stays on. We are slow moving, trying to work the pile-up’s 😉

JT65A on HF

Okay, after making a fool out of my self for few times, I called my fellow ham TF3HZ and asked about the reporting exchange used in JT65A on HF. He talked about “right-clicking” in WSJT, and then everything made sense.

Now on a JT65A “RUN” 😉

fun but slow !

I’m using 20w into a 43ft vertical with a small tuner at the base. It has very poor ground, but I have been thinking off pulling back on power as my reports are usually around -10.

I hope I’m being a good op, as I don’t send a final 73, I usually go into CQ TF3CY after getting a 73 from the caller. I think it’s more efficient (not very amateur’ish) as I will not lose a whole 2 min. I have been killing time while at work, so if I just dissapear from the spectrum, it usually means that I have to do some actual work! 😉

73, TF3CY happy hunting

JT65A on HF and QSL cards

Any hams looking for QSL cards from me, don’t worry you will get them. I had to print a new card, and well, very busy summer and been away from home almost 2-3 months.

I raised a 40ft vertical in the garden with very poor ground radial system, put a small tuner at the base, let my wife key the transceiver while on the phone, and tuned. The tuner was set on a target freqency on 80m, after trying some SSB phone CQ’s wihout anyone answering, I decided to try JT65A. No luck on 80. But I tuned the rig to 20m, and there where some real good signals, at least nothing like the EmE signals. Pressed AutoTune – and it would actually tune. I guess I was perhaps getting few milliwats out, as I was using two tuners in a row, and one was trying to match a vertical on 80m 😉

But I got confused.. everyone is sending signal reports, and I tried one QSO and gave OOO as report. Not sure if that was correct – anyhow, we did not finish the QSO. sorry N9GUE got your R-16 😉

but JT65a is amazing – or I should have expected it – as I have been using it for EmE. These where huge signals compaired to the faint traces I have been trying to decode.