2M amp working – at least 250W out ;)

After now 2-3 months of constant pondering, ebay browsing, googling, pestering people with questions I have something to show – amplifier is near completion !

5 watts in, 250w out quite good gain I must say – 15dB

Due to a faulty Bird element – I could not go all the way, also missing a bigger fuse.  so I will hopefully be able to borrow a bigger element to fully test the amplifier – now called Gandalf the gray!

here is a link to the project: http://www.tf3cy.is/2m-linear

Now I just have the issue that the MCU control board is rebooting when in XMIT – and I have some programming to do so I will get accurate voltage / current readings. Hope closing the RF unit will solve the reboot issue – perhaps I have to go to ebay and buy some old analog front panel meters ;/

– Benni TF3CY