TF1CY in CQ WPX 2012

Fun contest, but as I had to work all Friday I rushed to the summer house late Friday, raised the 22m high vertical and assembled the th7dx. Then it was dark and I finished connecting everything and tune out on 80m. I started the contest on 80m but I was then just to tired to continue throughout the night. I woke up early and finished getting the Th7dx mounted and raised the antenna. I got into a sticky situation when I forgot a u-clamp in the last taper section of the mast just under the rotor. The mast was bent there and I was very scared of losing the antenna. I got my brother (TF3SG) to come to my rescue – we lowered the antenna and after inspecting the tubing and installing the clamp we raised the antenna again and proper guy’s.

Conditions on 15m where hard and I kept losing my running freq. I tried few times to move to 20m but the QRM was just to much. I went back to 15. Sunday was better on 20m – and I got to around 800 contacts. I was not being heard well on 40m (tuning into the quarter wave intended for 80m).  I decided to go to 80m and I found a nice clean frequency and got a nice run  mostly EU but with handful of VE/W – I ended there with 1005 QSO’s.


73, Benni TF3CY / TF1CY