Back on HF – now remote

As I live in the city, space for antennas is limited, specially for the lower bands like 40-80-160

I have been trying to find a solution for this problem. I work for Vodafone in Iceland, I found out that we have a transmitter site just outside of Reykjavik – about 20km direct line from my home QTH.

The transmitter site has a 50m high tower for cellular and TV/FM broadcasting. Small house and good connectivity to the internet.

I asked around and got a yes from the persons running the site for putting a small “half rack” of equipment into the transmitter site. Antennas must be outside of the actual site. 

The area is quite close to the city dumping grounds so it’s not really prime real estate. Next thing I needed was permission from the City for the antennas. I managed to land a provisional licence for antennas just for one year at a time. I’m working on getting a more permanent licence, but as the area is not planned for any development I don’t foresee any issues getting the licence prolonged. 

But the takeoff to the west is amazing, it’s has sloping grounds towards the sea. 5 Km to the north is Esja, a 1km high mountain ridge, so that limits the takeoff to about 10-12° – Should be fine.

I started building everything I need while I waited for the licences process.

Using  a K3 with RemoteRig RRC controller

Amplifier is homebuilt SSPA – remote operated

Relay control is Raspberry Pi – with home written code

Everything else is homebuilt

Plan for 2018 is the following

40m rotary dipole

80m 4Square

160m Inverted-L or some vertical variant – using the Vodafone 50m tower for support

73 de TF3T